Step Deck Hauling

Step deck trailers are lower to the ground, so they can haul taller loads than standard flatbeds. It’s also easier to unload cargo from step decks. Step Deck Hauling is one of our many specialties here at XIT Transportation. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment for all your step deck hauling needs. We offer our hauling services all through North Texas and can go anywhere in the lower 48 States. Contact XIT Transportation today to learn more about our step deck hauling services or request a quote!

What We Haul

We can haul loads of all types and sizes, including the following:
  • Construction Equipment
  • Fabricated Steel Structures
  • Pipe, Casing, and Tubing
  • Raw Lumber and Metal
  • Oilfield Equipment and Machinery
  • Wind Turbines and Energy Equipment
  • Military Vehicles and Equipment
  • Foam and Piping
  • Wind Turbines and Energy Equipment

Step deck trailers (or drop deck trailers) are simply flatbed trailers with a top and bottom deck. They are designed to haul freight that cannot be transported on a standard flatbed, because of height restrictions along the transport route. Our step-deck trailers can haul anything that can’t be handled with a standard flatbed. XIT was founded on creating solutions for problems like these. Our fleet includes 53′ long, 102″ wide drop deck trailers and portable loading ramps.

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We will provide tarps, straps, and cushioning to secure the load and extra equipment needed, depending on load requirementsXIT Transportation is known for getting deliveries to their destination on time and safely. We will do whatever it takes to get your shipment where it needs to go. If you are looking for drop deck delivery service in North Texas, call us today at 972-351-9906 or fill out our online contact form to request a quote.

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